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Anglicare Central Queensland is a diverse and complex organistion working to achieve outcomes with a wide range of communities and individuals.

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Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan Towards 2025 indicates the ‘focus’ strategies that will position the organisation for a person-centred, sustainable future.

View the Anglicare Central Queensland Strategic Plan 2021-2025

Annual Report

Anglicare Central Queensland’s annual reports are available for download here:

Practice Framework

Anglicare Central Queensland Practice Framework was developed to provide a ‘Frame of Reference’ to guide staff in their interactions with people who come to us for services and support.

This framework has benefited from the practice wisdom of staff sharing their knowledge and experiences of people who have lived with and through homelessness, domestic violence, mental ill health, racism, discrimination, child harm and abuse, exclusion and poverty.

The framework has been informed by the theories and practices of narrative therapy, strengths based approach, recovery oriented practice, case management approaches as well as by federal and state strategic plans and positioning papers, guides and frameworks.

View the Anglicare Central Queensland Practice Framework

Outcomes Framework

Click here to view the Outcomes Framework – NEED SUPPLIED

National Research

Researches papers from Anglicare Australia

Cost of Privilege Report
2021 Rental Affordability Snapshot