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Celebrating Nita Waugh

September 7, 2017

Celebrating Nita Waugh

Fostering a community of care

Every child is just one caring adult away from being a success story… and for one of Anglicare Central Queensland’s foster carer’s, Nita Waugh, her integral role within the lives of many vulnerable children and young people is being recognised and celebrated during Child Protection Week (3-9 September).

For twenty years, Nita has been providing a safe, nurturing environment, opening her home and heart in a bid to make an incredible difference in the life of our region’s youngest residents.

Back in 1997, Nita was approached by a friend who worked in the disability sector asking her to consider becoming a foster carer.

After having eight children of her own, and sadly losing a 19 year old son in 1983 to Cancer, Nita made the decision to expand her heart and mind a little further.

After careful consideration and discussions with her family, Nita started on her journey of challenge and reward and has never looked back.

“Seeing the children in my care grow into young adults and live a positive and healthy life makes my heart extremely full,” shared Nita.

“I have been fortunate to stay in touch with many of the children I have cared for and have even been invited to weddings and other special occasions, and often receive phone calls and visits.”

But not every day was easy, even for an experienced Carer.

“Some of the children in my care had negative and destructive behaviours which I have tried to forget over the years.”

“The hurt and anger within them sometimes exploded and it was my role to remain strong and work with them to develop strategies to ease their pain,” said Nita.

“Sometimes all they needed was a warm hug and affirmation that they were loved, safe and secure.”

These days, between taking time out mastering crosswords and Sudoku, Nita reflects on her last two decades.

“Fostering is something that I would do again and again if I had my time over and given the chance, I would start much earlier in my life.”

“Through this role, I was able to allow my passion to become my purpose and I would encourage anyone considering opening their homes to our local youths, to do so.”

Child Protection Week (3-9 September) aims to promote the value of children and focus attention on the issues of child abuse and neglect.

Protecting children is everybody’s business and Anglicare Central Queensland is committed to keeping our local kids safe. We believe that every child deserves a safe environment where they can grow and thrive.

Our Foster Carers like Nita provide homes for children and young people while they are subject to Child Protection Orders. The children range from newborns to teenagers, and may need to stay for a night, a few weeks, or for years.

Wherever you live, there is a place for you in Anglicare Central Queensland’s foster carer community. Are you considering becoming a Foster Carer? Contact Anglicare Central Queensland on 1300 769 814 or visit to start your journey.